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Coping and Problem Solving Skills

Banana Splits

Divorce or parental separation is a painful family issue faced not only by adults; but also by children. In order to help children deal more effectively with the stress and anxiety which comes into a family as a result of parental separation, the elementary school offers a "Banana Splits" program.

This program consists of small groups of boys and girls whose parents have separated or divorced or are expecting to go through a divorce. This also includes parents who have never been married, but who are separated. These groups are not intended to pry into family business…they are intended to help children deal with the pain and sadness of a family separating. Banana Splits is a peer support group. It is not a counseling group. Many times children feel that they are the only child to have parents who are separated. The groups give them a chance to talk with the many other children who are experiencing the same family changes…they find out that they are not alone…they find out that this happens in other families…they have a chance to talk about their feelings…they often discover better ways to cope. The children often engage in an activity to help them express their feelings.

There is a group rule about confidentiality or privacy that is important to mention. This is not a rule to keep children from talking to parents. On the contrary, we encourage children to talk to parents about their feelings. The rule is intended to impress upon children the importance of not talking about other people and what they say in the group. We count on parents to help children make the distinction. Because these are not counseling groups, a counselor, a teacher or some other adult may conduct the group. A child may join a Banana Splits group anytime during the school year.





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