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Clubs & Activities

Aside from athletics, students at Pulaski High School have several extracurricular activities available to participate in. These groups provide the opportunity for students to explore new areas, and pursue non-academic interests

Advisor: Mrs. Walton
The purpose of the Pulaski Art Club is to encourage participation, creation, and understanding of the Arts, through experience and self-discovery, while maintaining a family-like artistic community.


Advisor: Mr. Gosek
The purpose of Student Council is to provide a forum between students and administration. In student council students address concerns of various grades and clubs. The student council also makes changes to the schools constitution when necessary and puts on various events around the year such as the annual earth day celebration.


Advisor: Mrs. Evans
The National Honor Society is an organization which promotes the recognition of students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service.
Students at Pulaski Middle-Senior High School, who accept membership into our chapter of NHS, must be willing to use their talents and skills toward the improvement of their school and local community.

Membership Requirements:
Selection into the Pulaski Chapter of NHS should not be taken lightly, as it is a great honor.  To be eligible, a student must hold an academic average of 90% or better through three-quarters of their junior year,  as well as being a well-rounded person in the areas of character, leadership, and service.  
Members who are inducted maintain an exemplary average in their studies and also try to help others achieve success in school.  Some may be leaders in clubs or community activities, while others are able to provide strength simply through their actions.  Their characters are made up of different things, such as responsibility, fairness, and courtesy and their contributions to classmates and society in general has been positive.

Follow all of National Honor Society activities on their Facebook page


Advisor: Mr. Gosek
The State Historic Interest Project Club is for 7 - 12th grade students, and is a group which studies the history of New York State with an emphasis on our local area.

The purpose of our organization is to further the knowledge of state history within our school and community. We strive to excite interest in our local heritage in particular by engaging in activities and projects which demonstrate that history in a useful way. By the completion of these goals, we hope to inspire greater pride in our neighbors and peers.


Advisor: Mrs. Burns
The Crimson and Blue High School yearbook is a publication created by high school students. The students who choose to become involved in this project truly want to make a mark in history because they are creating a book that shares personal experiences from high school. If you are interested in having your voice heard, please contact Ms. Burns at


Advisor: Ms. Hendrick
The Purpose is to foster the students' interest in Spanish outside the classroom setting, and to raise funds for travel to Spanish speaking areas to aid the students' understanding of the language and the culture


Advisor: Ms. McCullough
Amnesty International is a human rights organization that focuses on guaranteeing human rights to all people regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation.  It organizes global campaigns to address issues such as refugee/asylum seekers, torture, women's rights, international justice, prisoners of conscience, censorship, and LGBT rights.

The goals of the Pulaski Chapter of Amnesty International are to work to create an environment of tolerance & understanding of different religions & cultures; attend Amnesty International events and collaborate with clubs across the Northeast; and connect with human rights centers in the area to learn more about their work.

Our purpose is to create a healthy dialogue in the school, where students feel comfortable and safe enough to express their opinions; to make Pulaski a human rights friendly school; to learn how to connect and empathize with wide-ranging problems; and to educate students about how human rights affect people in our own community.





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