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8110 Curriculum Devlopment, Resources and Evaluation

8120 Request for Part 100 Variance or Part 200 Innovative Program Waiver From Commissioner's Regulations

8130 Equal Educational Opportunities

8210 Safety Conditions and Programs

8211 Prevention Instruction

8220 Career and Technical (Occupational) Education

8230 Guidance Program

8240 Instructional Programs: Driver Education and Physical Education

8241 Patriotism, Citizenship and Human Rights Education

8242 Civility, Citizenship and Character Education/Interpersonal Violence Prevention Education

8250 Animals in the School (Instructional Purposes)

8260 Title I Parent and Family Engagement

8271 Internet Safety/Internet Content Filtering

8280 Instruction for English Language Learners

8320 Selection of Library and Multimedia Materials

8330 Objection to Instructional Materials

8340 Textbooks/Workbooks/Calculators/Instructional Computer Hardware

8350 Use of Copyrighted Materials

8360 Religious Expression in the Instructional Program

8420 Opening Exercises

8430 Independent Study

8450 Home Tutoring (Homebound Instruction)

8460 Field Trips

8470 Home Instruction (Home Schooling)





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