• Lura M. Sharp Elementary works hard to provide a consistent and safe education to our students. 

    In the event of a closure due to COVID-19, grade level teams prepared "Emergency Lessons/Activities" for students. These plans are in the manilla envelope in the student's backpack, and should remain there should the need arise for a short term school closure. Plans and activties are for review and enrichment and are to be used for the short time prior to the transition to synchronus and asynchronus online instruction. 

    NOTE: If the need arises and the school must be closed for a prolonged period of time, then there will be more information coming about online education work expectations through Google Classroom. Teachers have been already using Google Classroom and students have been getting used to using Google Classroom to access educational materials, lessons, activities and assessments in order to be preapred for any needed transitions to online learning.   

    Students have already been assigned a one-to-one Chromebook within their classrooms, and the Chromebook would be sent home with the student for use if the school switches to a remote learning model. 

    If you have any questions regarding our emergency plans please contact the main office at 315-298-2412.

Emergency Packet # 3

Emergency Packet # 4