• What is the PACS Educational Plan?
    The Pulaski Academy & Central School District Educational Plan is developed annually to evaluate and formulate programs, policies, and procedures that increase opportunity, engagement or achievement for students and improve other measures of success as determined by research, the PACS Educational Plan Committees, and the Board of Education.

    The PACS Educational Plan and planning process will help keep us working together and focused on the “right work”. It is also intended to educate us about what effective schools look like.

    This process encourages participation from students, faculty, staff, administrators, parents, and the community and approaches school improvement in an open and systematic way.

    What does the Educational Plan process look like?
    The Board of Education reviews and revises its Philosophy Statement, reviews previous PACS Educational Plan initiatives, and establishes priority areas to begin the Educational Plan process.

    Four Educational Plan Committees conduct the work of developing the plan. Administrative, Faculty-Staff, Student, and Parent-Community Committees each:

    • Review District priority areas
    • Study relevant district data, surveys, and educational research
    • Identify areas of focus for the committee
    • Develop initiatives to support District priorities

    What are the Board of Education district priority areas for 2020-21?
    Guidance department career/college advisor program.

    District capacity for online learning.

    Leadership development.

    How can I participate?
    Join one of the Educational Plan Committees.

    Take the annual Educational Plan online survey for parents, students, staff, and administrators.

    For more information or to participate on one of the Educational Plan Committees, please contact Tom Jennings at the PACS District Office.

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