School Budget Information

  • The proposed 2019-20 school budget was approved 172-56, and the bus reserve withdrawl of $100,000 was appproved 189-37. Darcy McCarty and Joe McGrath were each re-elected to three year terms on the PACS Board of Education.  

    During the 2019-20 budget development process, the PACS Board of Education was committed to goals which focused on efficiency and effectiveness in school operations, and rigor and sustainability in academic programming. The result is a spending plan which takes into account economic variables, both current and long-term, and supports a quality program that is fiscally responsible to taxpayers. 

    The approved 2019-20 school budget totals $27,295,000, which is a 2.1% increase over last year. This budget results in a tax levy increase of 2.03% or $138,967, which is within the District’s calculated tax levy limit. 

    Pulaski has a tradition of sound financial planning and responsible budget development. The PACS Board of Education and administrative team will continue to communicate, collaborate, and be strategic with our resources to build a program that we can all be proud of. Thank you for your continued support. 

    PACS Board of Education