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Masonry Repair Work Planned for Lura M. Sharp Elementary

The District has been working with architects and engineers to identify the source of water infiltration at Lura Sharp Elementary building. After testing, it was determined that water was leaking under the original window, wall, and roof flashing on the southeast side of the east wing of the building, as well as the southeast side of the west wing of the building. The result has been a build up of moisture over time which has led to the deterioration of exterior brick and interior plaster in classrooms. 
Our architects have designed a reconstruction project to address the problem. The plan calls for the original flashing to be replaced and brick joints repointed. Bricks located in these areas of the building will also be replaced and/or repointed. Work will include repairing interior plaster and painting interior walls in affected areas as well. 
The reconstruction plans have been submitted to the New York State Education Department and the District is awaiting final approval. In the meantime, scaffolding has been erected on the eastern side of the building, along with other preparations, in anticipation of an early spring start to the repair process.
As outlined in the 2019-2020 Annual Report, this work falls under the scope of the District’s last capital project, and will be paid for with funds that have already been set aside for this purpose. 
Please contact Superintendent Tom Jennings at the District Office with any questions.