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Pulaski Academy & Central School District add 10 AP Classes to Curriculum

Pulaski Academy & Central School District is noticing growth in student achievement since the start of the school year thanks to the implementation of advanced placement (AP) courses.


AP courses, which the district began providing at the start of the 2019-20 school year, give high school students the opportunity for growth beyond the normal high school curriculum.


According to Superintendent Tom Jennings, AP courses are internationally celebrated, meaning PACS can compare its students with students around the world.


Jennings said these courses are more rigorous and help demonstrate that students can handle these types of courses to potential colleges.


It’s not only the students getting the most out of these courses, the teachers are as well. A cohort of PACS teachers took a weeklong training session to be able to teach programs like AP World History, AP Calculus, AP Macroeconomics and much more.


“We have a very good group of teachers who really wanted to do the AP courses,” said High School Principal Patrick Vrooman. “We knew it was going to work well because they all embraced the idea and really wanted to make the most of the courses.”


Jennings said the addition of these new courses didn’t cost the district much in terms of funds.


“We didn’t have to hire any additional staff, most of the expenses were from materials and trainings,” said Jennings. “They were one off costs; it’s definitely been worthwhile.”


Pulaski Academy & Central School’s enrollment currently sit at 93 spots, with some students taking multiple AP courses.