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PACS Senior Receives AP Scholar Award

Amidst the uncertainty of 2020, academic excellence never faltered for Pulaski Academy and Central School senior and valedictorian Mariah McConnell, who recently received the Advanced Placement Scholar Award.


The award, which recognizes students who received threes or higher on three or more AP exams during the year, came as a surprise to the PACS valedictorian.


“When I received the email stating that ‘you received an AP award’ I was shocked,” said McConnell. “The award itself provides me a feeling of recognition on a larger scale than just local. I am always trying to accomplish and reach for the bigger picture and this award is almost a validation of that.”


McConnell said she spent countless hours working and preparing for these tests.


“I was never shooting for this recognition, I was shooting for the grade I needed to receive college credit, and I knew that I wasn’t going to be satisfied if I didn’t put in the work,” said McConnell. “You only get what you put in, and the fact that I received an award along with the grades is just icing on the cake.”