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PACS Middle and High School Student Governments Organize Can & Bottle Drive to Support Newborn with Intestinal Malformation

The Pulaski Middle and High School student governments are rallying to support the family of a newborn, whose intestinal malformation has required multiple surgeries, through a can and bottle drive fundraiser starting this week in partnership with Riverview Redemption LLC.


“Mighty” Memphis, as he is known to all, was born Feb. 12, to PACS alumnus Adam Isgar and Erica Potter five weeks earlier than his expected due date. At only 24 weeks old, doctors discovered the developing baby had a dilated bowel they assumed was a hernia.


“They told us not to worry and it wasn’t going to be anything major,” Potter said.


Memphis’ medical team became even more concerned after his delivery when they noticed the baby’s protruding stomach and, after a series of tests, discovered he had a microcolon and diagnosed him with Ileal atresia. The condition left his intestines disconnected at birth, requiring the installment of an ostomy system and a subsequent surgery to connect the large and small intestines.


“That went well, so now the lower intestine is having some trouble with learning how to absorb nutrition and anything that goes through it,” Isgar said.


The couple drives from Pulaski to Crouse Hospital in Syracuse every day, often rotating visits based upon Isgar’s 12-hour work shift schedule. Gas costs, in addition to Potter’s work absence to care for Memphis and her two other children, have taken a financial toll on the family who is appreciative of the community’s support.


“A lot of people have already reached out, donated and have taken time out of their own lives to help us out which has been more than amazing,” Isgar said. “It shows the strength of the Pulaski community.”


Those wishing to participate can bring their empty bottles and cans to Riverview Redemption LLC., 16 S. Jefferson St., Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., and Sunday 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Please specify either “Middle School Student Government” or “High School Student Government” when making a bottle and can donation for Memphis at the redemption center.


Venmo donations to support Memphis can also be sent to @Adam-Isgar.