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Pulaski Senior Preserves Otis Field Legacy for Future Baseball Players, Promotes Area Little League

Senior Jack Carnes’ love for the game of baseball has inspired him to encourage the next generation of Pulaski Academy & Central School District students to participate in the sport while giving back to his community as part of his senior project.


“I’ve always grown up with baseball and am from a baseball family,” Carnes said. His grandfather, former PACS Superintendent Warren Leib, is a notorious New York Yankees fan in the community and had an impact on Carnes’ fondness of the game.


Carnes’ brother was playing on a community league at Otis Field last summer when he got the idea to spruce up the diamond and make some improvements.


“I was tough this year with COVID and I wanted to do something where I wouldn’t be asking people for money or hosting a big event to gather people,” Carnes said.


With the help of his family and friends, Layne Peters and Zoe Eisel, he worked from August through October to repaint the dugouts and do an overall cleaning of the grounds.


“That work took most of the fall which was nice because it was pretty dry and I wasn’t busy with football,” he said. “There were two separate instances where I had to quarantine, so it stretched out a couple months.”


Following his cleanup and repainting of Otis Field, Carnes created a video to promote registration for Pulaski Area Little League that was shared on the organization’s Facebook page and the district’s morning announcements.


Through his project, Carnes hopes future generations of children who play on the field will also develop a lifelong appreciation for the game and the lessons one can only learn through teamwork and good sportsmanship.