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Holocaust Survivor Shares Story with PACS Eighth-Graders

Pulaski Academy & Central School District eighth-grade students Wednesday heard a lesson in tolerance, respect and perseverance from Holocaust survivor Marion Blumenthal Lazan during a virtual presentation.


In 1938, Blumenthal Lazan was four years old and living in Nazi Germany when the extremist regime destroyed Jewish-owned businesses, synagogues and homes throughout the country– including her family’s apartment - during Kristallnacht known as the “Night of Broken Glass.” Her father was separated from the family and forced into Buchenwald concentration camp for three weeks.


Intending to emigrate to the United States of America, the family became trapped in Holland during their journey and had no choice but to live in prison, refugee and transit camps for nearly seven years before their liberation.


The 86-year-old told of the struggles and horrors her family faced, sharing how her faith and hope helped her through years of nightmarish conditions, warning students to be wary of leaders and their true intentions.


“As difficult as it is, the horror of the Holocaust must be taught, must be studied and kept alive,” Blumenthal Lazan said. “Only then can we guard it from ever happening again.”


The presentation is one which students say they will never forget.

“The lesson I got is some people are less fortunate than others in their experiences,” Cash H. said. “It made me realize people go through things that other people don’t and you can’t judge someone without first knowing what they’ve been through.”