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‘PACS Passport’ Initiative Encourages PACS Middle-High School Students, Staff to Unplug from Digital World and Connect with Community and Family

Pulaski Academy & Central School District Middle-High School students and staff are being challenged to put down their smartphones and physically engage with their peers, family members and community through a new scavenger hunt-style challenge called PACS Passport.


PACS Passport booklets, each containing 40 tasks with a witness and date signature line, were distributed to students and staff with a goal to have them completed by the end of the school year.


Those who complete every task, such as “Read a print newspaper or magazine from front to end,” “Find a constellation,” and “Build a three-tiered snowman,” will be entered into a drawing with a chance to win a monetary prize.


“I had the desire to encourage students and staff to take a break from their phones in a fun way, in light of COVID, and reengage with each other and try out some of the activities that are unique to our district and community,” PACS Middle-High School Principal Patrick Vrooman said. “We’re hoping parents will encourage students to try and do as many of these activities between now and the beginning of June.”


The PACS Middle and High School Student Governments are each giving a $100 prize to the winner of their individual drawings and Mr. Vrooman is separately offering a prize for a staff drawing.