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Fahnestock Ready to Lead the Way as Principal of Middle-High School

Upon returning to the halls of Pulaski Middle-High School in the fall, Blue Devil alum Jordan Fahnestock will take on a new role as the school’s principal.


In his 14 years as an employee at PACS, Fahnestock has worn many hats, including teaching assistant, social studies teacher, social studies department chair, class advisor, student government advisor, varsity club advisor, varsity boys basketball coach, and girls varsity track and field coach.


“I am really excited to continue the work that we have been doing for the last several years,” Fahnestock said. “I think Pulaski is a school district that led from the front throughout COVID. We truly put students and their needs first throughout the pandemic. I love the prospect of being able to continue to build upon that and offer as much as we can for our students to help them become successful.”


Fahnestock has a great amount of pride in being able to serve the community in which he grew up. “Being an employee here means everything to me,” he said. “It is where I grew up and where I've called home my entire life. I had some great experiences growing up here because of the educators I had that went above and beyond for us. It really has been a driving force throughout my entire career and will remain that way. I want the students today to have those same types of experiences that I had.”


When asked what his favorite thing about working at PACS is, Fahnestock cited the dedication that the staff has to the students. “It was true when I went to school here, and it still remains true. The staff always goes above and beyond to help the students of Pulaski.”