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PACS Students Take on the Role of Forensic Entomologists

At the beginning of the school year, Pulaski Middle School’s Science Club decided that they wanted this year’s focus to be “Adventures with Arthropods”. During the month of January, they narrowed that theme to forensic entomology, specifically.


By becoming forensic entomologists for a month, students visit staged crime scenes around the building and take note of the kind of insects present at each scene. After this, they head back to their classroom, where they attempt to draw forensic conclusions based on their findings.


“Each month we meet and learn something new. This month we are focusing on forensic entomology,” said Science Teacher Kristin Sheehan-Vautrin. “This lesson focuses on how insects might be used to help solve crimes. Obviously, my goal is also very broad, to highlight the various STEM careers available to our students and get them hooked and thinking about these possibilities.”