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Pulaski Announces Educators of the Year

Continuing with the tradition established several years ago, Pulaski Middle-Senior High School has named its middle school and high school educators of the year. 

Students in the middle school and high school casted votes for their favorite educator. After tallying hundreds of votes, the prestigious awards were given to Aimee Mumford of the middle school, and Ian Stine of the high school. 

“Aimee is just the type of educator that uses her craft to relate to students and give them as many opportunities as possible,” Principal Jordan Fahnestock said. “It does not surprise me that the students would recognize her with this award because they love being a part of her music program.”

“Ian is a top notch educator,” Fahnestock continued. “He has the ability to push students to their full potential and get their best work out of them. He fits the mold of what it is to be an educator at Pulaski: a person that can get students to perform by relating to them and caring for them in and out of the classroom. You see the relationships he has with students as they pass him in the hall and that translates into the success he is having in the classroom.”

Both Mumford and Stine had their names added to a plaque that includes previous winners of the Educator of the Year award.