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Successful Graphic Novelist Visits Pulaski Middle School

Tyler Page, the author of the award-winning graphic novel “Button Pusher” recently visited Pulaski Middle School to discuss his life and journey as a graphic novelist.

Page, who was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, often uses that to inspire his comics, graphic novels, and other works. He spoke about what it’s like living with ADHD, and how it has influenced his life and work.

Students were captivated by Page’s presentation, and there was a lengthy question and answer session as they were eager to learn more about what life is like as a graphic novelist and artist. After the presentation was over, students were able to visit with him and get their books signed.

In addition to his middle school presentations, Page also offered to hold a separate session with high school students which included an additional question and answer session, as well as a comic and cartoon drawing workshop.