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Pulaski Holds Second Enrichment Day for Students

With the goal of providing students with fun, engaging, and enriching activities, Pulaski MSHS recently held its second enrichment day of the school year.

During enrichment days, students do half a day of standard learning and then transition to games, activities, and events during the afternoon. For the spring enrichment day, there were several stations available for students. These stations included jigsaw puzzles, brain-teasers, soccer tournaments, Latin cuisine creation, board games, a movie theater, bingo, friendship bracelets, RPGs and Storytelling II, comic book appreciation, vision board creation, arts and crafts, badminton, volleyball, and the art of chocolate tempering. Staff members volunteer to lead or supervise each activity.

“Our winter enrichment day was a huge hit back in December,” said Assistant Principal Steve Komanecky. “We were able to offer even more activities this time around. Our goal going forward is to hopefully have one enrichment day each quarter of the school year. The students respond really well to it, and it aligns with our enrichment-focused curriculum plan.”