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  • On April 20, 2021, the USDA and NYS Child Nutrition extended the waiver allowing schools to continue to provide meals to students under the Summer Seamless Option for the 2021-2022 school year. This means that we will continue to provide meals to school age students at NO CHARGE regardless of their meal status. 

    Pulaski school cafeterias are meeting tough, but exciting new federal nutrition standards for school meals. The new nutrition standards ensure that meals are healthy and well-balanced to provide students with all the nutrition they need to succeed in school.

    The new standards set strict regulations for portion sizes yet offer a wide variety of different fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains. Some of the new standards include:

    • Portion sizes and calories individualized for each grade group (K-5, 6-8, 9-12)
    • Fat-free or low-fat milk options
    • Larger servings and more variety of fruits and vegetables
    • Increased whole grain products

    We are always working to offer PACS students healthier and tastier school lunch choices. School meals are a great value and a huge convenience for busy families. Encouraging your child to choose a well-balanced school lunch will teach them to make smart food choices and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    We look forward to welcoming your children to the cafeteria!

    Cafeteria Pricing
    Milk $ .50
    Ice Cream $ 1.00

  • Jaime Stover
    Director of Food Services 
    315.298.5013 x 5030 

    Francis Zaryski
    Food Service Manager