Class of 2022 Critical Information and Updates

  • Class of 2022 Critical Information and Updates:
    • Yearbook Friendly Reminder: If any seniors are interested in purchasing a yearbook, we're encouraging them to do so as soon as possible. We just want to make sure everyone has what they need especially as things ramp up come spring time. Here is the yearbook purchase link.
    • Graduation Requirement Reminders: 
      • All seniors are required to complete 20 hours of community service to qualify for graduation. All Community Service forms must be filled out, signed, and returned to Mr. Isgar. As a friendly reminder, starting in November, I will email students and families if any senior has not yet completed their hours.
      • All seniors are required to attend a PACS Board Meeting to qualify for graduation. Here are the remaining meetings, all on the second Tuesday of each month, and all offered virtually through our calendar link here.The remaining BOE Meetings are March 8, April 5, May 10, and June 7. 


    • Past Due: Caps and Gowns: Although the deadline has passed for Caps and Gowns, any seniors who still need to place their order may still do so. I was advised by Jostens that any current orders will run the risk of potential supply issues and delays. Here is the link you need to order.
    Last Updated: February 26, 2022
    Past Announcements:
    • Due Tuesday, February 1: Senior Yearbook PDAs for Parents: All parents have the option of purchasing a personalized section in the yearbook to offer well wishes and a personalized note to their child. Please see Mr. Woods' letter, which is attached below for further instructions. You can contact Mr. Woods at Senior Yearbook PDAs for Parents - Letter Home
    • Due Monday, February 14: Senior Baby Photo SubmissionsIf you would like to include a baby picture of your graduating senior, and/or a candid photo, please email Mr. Woods at with your desired picture(s), saved as a .jpg file. (Senior Year Book Baby Photo Submissions - Letter Home) Please only submit 1 baby picture and/or 1 candid photo of your child, and please name the files as such: 
      • Last Name_First Name baby
      • Last Name _First name candid 
    • Due Satuday, November 6th:  CAPS AND GOWNS:
      • Seniors will need to order caps and gowns. Their deadline for orders is Saturday, November 6th. We order our caps and gowns through a vendor called Jostens. They also have a variety of Class of 2022 Graduation products like class rings, clothing items, and more. Please check your email to watch the videos (Seniors with me will do this in class). I will follow up with parents and families as well. Here is the note from Jostens:

        "Hi Pulaski Class of 2022!,

        It's graduation order week at Pulaski! Please take a minute to watch the brief video below for information on graduation - what you need and how to order online. We will also be available during lunches on Tuesday, November 2nd.   
        Click here to view our virtual catalog, or a complete packet can be found in the main office.
        Click here to order your graduation items today!
        Thank you and we look forward to helping you make it a great senior year!"
    • Due Wednesday, November 10th from 7:30am - 12:00pm: Senior Picture Retakes. Location: At the high school again. I will notify all families of seniors who missed the first session.
    • Due Thursday, November 11th: Any senior photo submissions as well as senior candid photos from private photography sessions should be submitted to Mr. Woods. Please see his letter (attached) for further details. You can contact Mr. Woods at Senior Photo Requirements and Letter to Parents
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