Class of 2021

  • Class of 2021 Critical Information and Updates as of March 8, 2021:
    Upcoming Deadlines:
    • Due Friday, March 12, 2021: Yearbook Ads for Parents. Any parents who would like to create a personalized message congratulating their senior in the back of the yearbook may do so through the yearbook tab on The idea is that you purchase ad space (full, half, or quarter page) and then design and create a message (much like you would a christmas card) for your senior to read. Please know you must first purchase the ad before you can design it. When you purchase the ad, you must create an account with Balfour, which allows you to access, design, and complete the ad. You can find instructions on how to design the ad here on Balfour's FAQ page. Mrs. Burns would like this submitted to her at
    • Due Tuesday, March 16, 2021: FINAL Senior Photo Day. From 7am to 10:30am, any senior who has not yet had their senior photo taken must get their picture taken here at the high school. Room 205.
    • Due Wednesday, March 31, 2021CAPS AND GOWNS: Josten's is still accepting orders for Caps and Gowns (click here), so please make sure to order them as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please call Deana Peter at 298-5103, Ext 5001.
    • Due Friday, April 9, 2021: Yearbook Orders. You can now order yearbooks through Please find the specific instructions in PDF to the right. All orders must be placed online. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Linda Burns, at

    Other Important Items:

    • BOE Meeting Requirement: Seniors must still attend at least one board meeting this year. Board meetings take place virtually at 6:30p.m. The remaining dates are: March 9, April 13, May 11, and June 8. All meeting links can be accessed online by going to the PACS calendar link and clicking on the given board meeting.
    • Community Service Requirement Officially Waived: The community service requirement for graduation was officially waived at the Jan 12 BOE meeting.
    • Graduation Requirements (academic): As a friendly but important reminder, please know that all seniors must still pass their senior english, PIG/econ, and physical education classes in order to graduate. With only two quarters left, our seniors must be diligent and aware. 
    • Scholarships: Our guidance team has done an awesome job putting together all scholarship information on our webpage. To view all PACS scholarship opportunities, please go to, select "Offices and Departments, select the "Guidance" tab, and then select the scholarship tab (or you can simply click on this link). Please read carefully to see what scholarships your student might be eligible for. Please remember that "Group A" scholarships each have their own deadline, while all "Group B" scholarships are due by April 30th
    • Prom: There are simply too many variables at play to be optimistic about a prom. Should there be any developments here over the next few months, I will let you know asap.  
    • Graduation Ceremony: The specifics of the graduation ceremony have yet to be determined, but of course will be planned according to all federal, state, and county health guidelines by the administrative team and the BOE. Again, I will keep you up to date whenever I know more.

    Additional Information:

    SUBMITTING YOUR OWN SENIOR PHOTOGRAPH: If you and your family wish to submit your own senior photo, please carefully read the following submission criteria, and email Linda Burns (, our yearbook advisor, with any questions you might have:

    Senior Yearbook Photo Submission Specifications:
    • Send your photo to Linda Burns:
    • Studio photo must be named: lastname_firstname.jpeg  
    • JPEG file format only.  
    • Vertical format only.
    • Head and shoulder shot only. No hands to the face or severe tilts.  
    • Formal attire (school appropriate)
    • Traditional Old Master Style backgrounds. No busy backgrounds please.
    • Outdoor photographs, props, or mug shot style photos will not be permitted for this section of the book.
    Technical Requirements (again, please email Linda Burns if you have any questions about these specifications):
    • Head size should be 1 ½ from the chin to the top of the hair.  
    • 300 dpi only.
    • File must be properly color corrected to print clearly in the yearbook.    
    • 2:1 highlight to shadow lighting ratio. 
    • Proper studio lighting using a 4 light system to provide good separation between the Subject and background.
    • 2.5 x 3.5 images size leaving ½ space between the head and the top of the file.
    • SRGB color space only (CMYK or Adobe 1998) will not be permitted.