• The Pulaski Academy & Central School District has started a new school improvement process. This initiative, called the PACS Plan, is intended to help us embrace systematic, sustained improvement, and maintain a strong focus on the essential aspects of effective schooling - what we call the Right Work.  It is grounded in research on High Reliability Schools by Robert Marzano, our own experience, and common sense. The Plan focuses on four levels of school effectiveness:

    • Safe, Supportive, and Collaborative Culture
    • Effective Teaching in Every Classroom
    • Guaranteed, Viable, and Challenging Curriculum
    • Personalized Education

    The PACS Plan, and the annual process we use to develop and implement it, provides a clarity of focus to prioritize our efforts; uses data and evidence in a systematic way to identify areas of improvement and implement targeted strategies to improve; encourages collaborative decision-making to ensure that everyone in the PACS community is invested in and responsible for school improvement efforts; aligns the school's practices and policies to ensure that all aspects of our operations are working together to support student learning; and engages school administrators, faculty, and staff in rigorous self-assessment and reflection.

    Details about PACS Plan goals and targets, along with other information about the PACS Plan may be found in the File Library and Link Library on this webpage. 

    We all share responsibility in educating our children; if you have any questions or comments regarding the Plan, please contact Superintendent Tom Jennings in the District Office.

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