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Communication at PACS

  • Our goal at PACS is to establish clear, effective lines of communication between the district and our community. We work hard to: be the first and best source of information about our school and education; encourage dialogue that is informative, factual, thoughtful, and civil; and promote excitement about education, scholarship, and our school.

    Our Board of Education meetings provide an opportunity for the public to provide comments during a designated public comment period. Additionally, the superintendent hosts periodic coffee and conversation events, where community members are encouraged to attend and address any district-related questions in a casual environment. All members of our administrative team are also available by phone and email to discuss concerns and answer questions. 

    Notifications & Reminders
    We use a robust notification system to alert parents via phone, text and email in the event of an emergency school closing, upcoming events or other issues that concern you and your child. Please contact your child's school to update your contact information or with any questions about the alert system. Important notices will also be found on the home page of the website. You may also register for notifications of specific events on the District's calendar page.

    Returning Phone Calls & Emails
    School district faculty and staff are expected to return non-emergency phone calls and emails within two school days of receiving a message. Emergency phone calls are returned immediately.

    Who to Contact
    Frequently, parents and other community members request help in knowing the best way to communicate with the school. The communications guideline chart found here will serve as a helpful resource. 

    News & Events
    Daily Announcements: Upcoming events and schedule information
    School Calendar: events at a glance
    Facebook: news, photos and more
    Twitter: news and updates
    News: past and current school news stories
    Newsletters: district publications including the graduate newsletter, programming guide, annual report, calendar, and budget newsletter

    Social Media Guidelines
    The PACS Facebook page is meant to be a place for dialogue about district- and school-related issues in a relevant, respectful way. To that end, we have established the following guidelines:

    • Please note that we cannot accept comments from individuals who are under the age of 13.
    • All statements and viewpoints expressed in the comments are strictly those of the commenter alone, and do not constitute an official position of Pulaski Academy & Central School unless they are posted by the original author (who is an authorized representative) or by a subject matter identified as an expert responding on behalf of Pulaski Academy & Central School.
    • Pulaski Academy & Central School reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time at its sole discretion.
    • Pulaski Academy & Central School reserves the right to remove any comment at any time from our Facebook page. To uphold polite, constructive and lawful discourse, all comments must not contain or be:
      • Unrelated. All comments unrelated to the subject matter will be removed.
      • Spam. All comments selling a product or service or comments made to gain exposure for personal, political or monetary gain will be removed.
      • Personal Attacks. All hateful or malevolent comments will be removed.
      • Offensive. All comments related to profanity and malicious comments related to race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, etc. will be removed.
      • Inappropriate. Pulaski Academy & Central School is about education. Disagreement can produce productive discussion, however, please relay all disagreement in a polite and civilized manner.
      • Private or Confidential Information. Please do not provide any specific details or other personal information, such as full names, phone numbers, home addresses, etc.
      • Illegal. Laws that govern use of copyrights, trade secrets, etc., will be followed.