Office of the Director of Technology

  • The Pulaski Academy & Central School District is keeping up to date, implementing, and using all of the available educational technologies to further the district Mission Statement – “prepare all students for a constantly changing future…”

    At Lura Sharp, interactive projectors and document cameras are in daily use in every classroom.  We have two computer labs that are available for all teachers to sign up for and use.  In addition, iPads are in use in most classrooms to enhance reading and math learning stations.  The iPads are also shared among classrooms for use in “whole class” activities.  The library is stepping up too – students in grades 3 – 5 use computer lab time to develop their skills with the online library catalog (OPALS) and other online research tools.

    In the Middle/Senior High School, interactive projectors and document cameras are in daily use in every classroom.  We have three computer labs and five laptop carts, all available to all teachers for sign-up and use. There are four teams of teachers sharing iPads in classrooms in a wide variety of applications.  Other ‘specialty’ technologies are also in place. The Art Department’s Mac lab has updated to the newest operating system, which has greatly improved their music, photo, and graphic capabilities.  The Business/Technology lab has a green screen and specialized microphones for the Multimedia classes to create and develop movies.  There are also several “clicker” student response systems in use throughout the building which make quizzes, homework checks, and review a lot more fun!

    The goals of the Instructional Technology department are twofold:  to provide the help, knowledge, and resources that will support our teachers as they strive to meet the Common Core technology initiatives and prepare for state computer-based testing; and also, to assure that our students have access to and an understanding of the technology that can supplement and expand their daily classroom experience.


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