Office of the Director of Transportation

  • Safe transportation is not just our BUSiness at Pulaski Academy and Central School District, it is our priority and passion. The transportation department operates more than twenty five buses and SUVs. Hundreds of Pulaski students ride our buses every day to our two school buildings, Make Sense Shop, Academic Center and Center for Instruction Technology and Innovation (CiTi).

    Please check out our Employment Page if you are interested in becoming a school bus driver.

    Bus Safety Tips In order to maintain maximum safety and punctuality for children who ride the buses, we solicit the cooperation of all parents in helping their children to understand and observe rules that ensure a safe bus trip.

    • Be at the bus stop on time. Bus schedules will operate with a leeway of plus or minus five minutes. Students should be visible as the bus approaches the stop.
    • Parents of Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten children or their adult designee should be at the bus stop with their child.
    • Do not approach the bus until it has come to a complete stop with the door open and the bus driver signals you.
    • Cross at least ten feet in front of the bus and only when the bus driver signals for you to do so.
    • After boarding the bus, sit down in first available seat so the bus can continue safely on its route.
    • Keep hands, arms and head inside the bus at all times.
    • Be courteous to the driver and other passengers.
    • Indecent or profane language will not be tolerated.
    • No eating or drinking on the bus.
    • The use of tobacco, drugs or alcohol is prohibited on school property which includes buses.
    • Please keep the bus aisles clear in case of emergency. 

    Don't Forget the Three Basic School Bus Rules: Stay seated and out of the aisles. Use appropriate language and volume. Keep hands and feet to yourself.

    Transportation procedures during inclement weather for students who attend programs out of the district

    • If Pulaski district closes, do not report to school.
    • If the school in which your program operates closes, do not report to school.
    • Pulaski does not transport students through any closed school districts.
    • When Pulaski Schools are operating on a delay, all students will follow that delay.
    • If the school in which your program operates delays, you will follow that delay. When Oswego City Schools have a 2 hour delay, AM New Vision students will not be transported to their program in the morning.

    If you have any transportation related questions, please contact the Director of Transportation.


  • Transportation Department
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