District and Business Office Staff

Office of the Business Manager

  • The Business Office is responsible for preparing accounting records and producing financial reports while ensuring that our school district complies with state and federal laws. At least monthly, we measure the expected outcome of all revenue and expense amounts to the actual amounts received and spent. Through this continuous monitoring process, we are able to make accurate revenue and expenditure projections which is crucial for long-term planning in the district.

    Each summer, the district is also audited by an external auditor. This process takes several weeks to complete.  Financial records are reviewed and testing is performed in order for the auditor to attest that our financial statements are accurate. Completed audit reports can be found on the school website.

    The business office utilizes a multi-year financial plan which includes revenue and appropriation projections, monitoring the tax cap calculation, and strategic use of reserves and fund balance.  This type of planning allows the Board of Education and administrators to make thoughtful and informed decisions regarding district goals and priorities that have a lasting impact on the district.

    Pulaski has a tradition of sound financial planning and we take very seriously our obligation to safeguard the district’s fiscal health while providing a robust educational program for our children. The PACS Board of Education and administrative team will continue to communicate, collaborate, and be strategic with our resources to build a program that we can all be proud of.


  • District and Business Office
    2 Hinman Road
    Pulaski, NY 13142

    Sarah Starbird
    Business Manager
    315.298.5188, fax 315.298.4390

    Pamela McCrobie
    District Clerk | Secretary to the Superintendent
    315.298.5188, fax 315.298.4390  

    Teresa White
    District Treasurer
    315.298.5188, fax 315.298.4390

    Erin Gallagher
    School Registrar | Secretary to the Special Programs Office
    315.298.5188, fax 315.298.4390  

    Heather Coffman
    Payroll Clerk | Accounts Payable
    315.298.5188, fax 315.298.4390

    Destinee Roshau
    Account Clerk | Secretary to the Business Office
    315.298.5188, fax 315.298.4390

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