• Information on this page consists of scholarships offered through grants, private donors, and organizations that are affiliated with PACS. In addition, community-based scholarships are periodically posted. 

    Please see your Guidance Secretary or School Counselor if you have questions about the application process for any scholarships listed.

    Scholarships available and dollar amounts awarded are subject to change year to year or during the year.

    Some scholarships have rotating deadlines and are removed from this page once the deadline has passed.

    If a senior does not wish to be a recipient of a scholarship, please turn in a signed note from the parent that you are forgoing any scholarships that may be awarded to the guidance office.

    In order to be eligible for most scholarships, the student must complete the application process for that specific scholarship / award in order to be considered.

    Scholarships are listed in the file or link library below. 

    Candidates should be sure to follow the instructions for submission and deadlines of applications. 

    To increase eligibility opportunities for seniors, ALL seniors should submit to the Guidance Office prior to May 1st, the Crimson and Blue Post-HS plan form.  

    Examples of some PACS affiliated scholarships offered year to year include:

    • John Ben Snow Community Service Scholarship: Awarded to two students and payable over 7 payments; students are selected during their 10th grade year based on their demonstrated interest and commitment to community service. Students selected must complete community service work placements during the summers of their sophomore, junior and senior (post-graduation) years. (Chosen by Committee; Amount Varies)
    • John Ben Snow Academic Achievement Scholarship: Awarded to 4 seniors that rank in the top third of the graduating class and have completed the application packet, completed a community service project, and have successfully interviewed with an interview committee. (Chosen by Committee)
    • The Frederic Luther Memorial Scholarship: The committee is responsible for selecting the scholarship recipient according to the following criteria – “One student, payable in one year, awarded to a graduating senior who will be attending an institution of higher learning.” (Chosen by Committee)
    • Litts Foundation Scholarship: Awarded to worthy students that have demonstrated a potential for success in higher education. (Chosen by Donor)
    • Nettie Plummer Scholarship: “This scholarship should be awarded to one student and is payable over one year. Recipient is a senior going on to higher education with special emphasis on a student whose interest is in a business-related field.” (Chosen by Committee)
    • Pulaski Teachers’ Association Scholarships: To a senior who embodies the best of Pulaski's teaching legacy. It recognizes and celebrates those students who will use their education to service, education and contribute to the life of their community. (Chosen by Committee)
    • Burkett & Kathleen H. Curtiss Scholarship: A committee is responsible for selecting one student to receive this scholarship award. Specifically, “one student, payable in equal amounts over four years, to a graduating senior who is of good moral character, has exemplary academic performance and will be furthering his / her education.” (Chosen by Committee)
    • Edward Sprague ScholarshipThis scholarship should be awarded to two students and is payable over four years. Students should be of good moral character and have the capabilities and desire to obtain a college education. (Chosen by Committee)
    • Philip D. and Rita G. Rombach ScholarshipsTo provide financial aid to graduating seniors who are enrolling in a college curriculum specializing in veterinary medicine and/or environment sciences OR who are pursuing training in one of the following trades: millwright, welder, machinist, electrician or nurse. (Chosen by committee)
    • Jeff Shirley Memorial Scholarship:  All seniors are eligible - description can be found on right side. (Chosen by committee)
    • Crimson and Blue PACS Scholarships - Available for approximately 100 awards with varied dollar amounts.  (Chosen by committee) 

    NOTE: More scholarships may become available and get added to the lists as the year progresses. Please pay attention to school announcements, students' emails and look at the school web page for updates regularly. 

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