• Information on this page consists of scholarships offered through grants, private donors, and organizations that are affiliated with PACS. In addition, community-based scholarships are periodically posted. 

    Please see your Guidance Secretary or School Counselor if you have questions about the application process for any scholarships listed.

    Scholarships available and dollar amounts awarded are subject to change year to year or during the year.

    Some scholarships have rotating deadlines and are removed from this page once the deadline has passed.

    If a senior does not wish to be a recipient of a scholarship, please turn in a signed note from the parent that you are forgoing any scholarships that may be awarded to the guidance office.

    In order to be eligible for most scholarships, the student must complete the application process for that specific scholarship / award in order to be considered.

    Scholarships are listed in the file or link library below. 

    Candidates should be sure to follow the instructions for submission and deadlines of applications. 

    To increase eligibility opportunities for seniors, ALL seniors should submit to the Guidance Office prior to May 1st, the Crimson and Blue Post-HS plan form.  

    NOTE: More scholarships may become available and get added to the lists as the year progresses. Please pay attention to school announcements, students' emails and look at the school web page for updates regularly. Students and Parents can also join the Remind App, Scholarships for Class of 2022 here for announcements of updates to the PACS site, reminders on deadlines, and more!

PACS Scholarship Applications (To be turned into the Guidance Office)

Community Based Scholarship Applications (To be submitted directly to the organization)