Academic Center

  • The mission of the Pulaski Academy & Central School District Academic Center is to provide a supported, self-paced education in an alternative and flexible setting that promotes personal growth and academic success, while meeting the social and emotional needs of students in a welcoming and caring environment. 

    The Academic Center provides an alternative educational program to students in neighboring Oswego County Schools. The Academic Center (AC) is located in the village of Pulaski, and the program accepts ninth grade through twelfth grade students from the Pulaski, Sandy Creek, Mexico, and Altmar-Parish-Williamstown (APW) school districts. The AC provides a unique environment for students who do not thrive in the traditional school setting and includes: 

    • a reduced student roster,
    • alternative seating,
    • flexible scheduling,
    • and incentive programs.

    The AC staff works closely with students on goal completion through progress monitoring, while providing individualized academic support in various courses. This is done so that students can earn credit recovery and credit accrual towards a diploma.

    To complete their academic requirements, students develop an academic plan for course work with AC staff, complete self-paced, online courses, and receive direct instruction in some courses (as per the established academic plan). Frequent communication with students, home districts, and with parents / guardians occurs to best help the students to achieve their educational goals. 

    The program provides students with lesson goals, attendance goals, career and college exploration, and community service opportunities, as well as an emphasis on social and emotional growth. The Academic Center program culminates with students that successfully complete all required courses and NYS assessments earning a high school diploma through their home district.    


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